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5 Most Disappointing Things We Learned About HRC's 'White Men's Club'

5 Disappointing Findings About HRC's 'White Men's Club'

A new internal diversity report reveals the Human Rights Campaign has a sexist work environment where only 'gay, white, male' employees advance into leadership positions.

George Pataki Urges Respect As Mike Huckabee Defends Trans Fantasy

GOP Rival Urges Respect as Huckabee Defends Trans Fantasy

Mike Huckabee reportedly has gotten a lot more mileage from that 'joke' about wishing he were trans as a teenager, but one rival suggests his 'mocking' is out of line.

Guess Which State Pride Proclamation Excludes LGBT Folks?

You Won't Believe What's Missing from Indiana Pride

Whoops! A welcome letter signed by Indiana Governor Mike Pence for this year's Indianapolis Pride festivities left out any mention of LGBT people.

Rick Perry Saddles Up for Second Presidential Run

Rick Perry Saddles Up for Second Presidential Run

Hang on to your hats, folks — it's going to be a bumpy ride to 2016.

Excerpt: How Barbara Gittings Became the Mother of the Movement

How Barbara Gittings Became the Mother of the Movement

Windy City Times publisher Tracy Baim shares an excerpt from her new book, Barbara Gittings, Gay Pioneer, and describes how this lesbian activist battled the conservative mores of post-war America.

Roy Moore: Marriage Equality Will ‘Literally Cause the Destruction of Our Nation’

Roy Moore: Gay Marriage Will Destroy U.S.

The controversial Alabama judge says a pro-marriage equality ruling by the Supreme Court would amount to 'toying with something that’s like dynamite and will destroy our country.'

Out NYC Hotel Owners Hit With Discrimination Lawsuit

Out NYC Hotel Owners Hit With Discrimination Suit

Some employees of the hotel’s restaurant claim they couldn’t express their gender identity.

Lindsey Graham Wants to Be the John McCain of 2016

The Candidate Running for President Who's Never Emailed

The longtime bachelor and Republican senator famous for saying 'I ain't gay' announces his bid for the White House.

Pentagon to Give Gay, Lesbian, and Bi Troops Workplace Protections
June 09 2015 3:10 PM ET

BREAKING: Pentagon Extends Protections to LGB Troops

Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter announced the adoption of a policy revision that adds sexual orientation to its Military Equal Opportunity Policy.

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