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'Ex-Trans' Activists Exposed: The Big Name Behind Their Fight Against Gender Transition
July 23 2015 5:15 PM ET

The Big Name Behind Two 'Ex-Trans' Activists

After an investigation spanning six weeks, The Advocate reveals how those few voices arguing against gender transition are finding followers.

Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Announces Support for LGBT Nondiscrimination Laws

Jeb Bush Supports LGBT Rights (Sorta)

The former Florida Governor just became the most pro-LGBT Republican presidential candidate.

18 Presidential Candidates — As Depicted By Cats

18 Presidential Candidates — As Depicted By Cats

There are now at least a dozen and a half candidates running for president in 2016. It's not easy to keep track of all their positions on LGBT issues, but hopefully this feline menagerie will make it a little easier.

Federal 'License to Discriminate' Bill Gains Support — and Opposition

Support Grows for Federal 'License to Discriminate' Bill

The measure would allow individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to discriminate against same-sex couples without federal penalties.

Kenyans to Protest President Obama By Marching Naked Through the Streets

Why 5,000 Kenyans Will Get Naked to Protest Obama

Kenya's Republican Liberty Party intends to 'demonstrate the difference between men and women.'

Scott Walker Backtracks on Implying Boys Scouts' 'Gay Ban' Protects Kids

Scott Walker Walks Back Controversial Boy Scout Comments 

Under fire from gay rights groups, Walker tried to distance himself from claims that he had implied gay men and youth are predatory.

Changing the T for LGBs

Changing the T for LGBs

The nationwide discussion surrounding trans visibility is essential for other queer people, too.

Who Does Scott Walker Think the Boy Scouts' Gay Ban 'Protected?'

Who Does Walker Think the Boy Scouts' Gay Ban 'Protected?'

The Boy Scouts of America's long-standing ban on gay members 'protected children and advanced Scout values,' Walker said Tuesday. He has so far declined to clarify.

LGBT Elder Americans Act Introduced in Senate

LGBT Elder Americans Act Introduced in Senate

As the number of LGBT elders swell, Colorado's senior senator has introduced legislation to assist them with their specific needs.

#TrumpYourCat: Felines Mimic Donald Trump's Iconic Comb-Over in Hilarious Meme

Feline Meme #TrumpYourCat Wins The Internet

Cat lovers are teasing their pets' hair-dos in a joking social media homage to the real estate tycoon's "huh?"-worthy hairstyle.

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