16 Great Books to Read This Week

From gay surfing detectives to male flight attendants, lesbian werewolves, and confused boys escaping Gypsies, the rapture, or themselves, here are some fun reads.



Rapture and The Bees by Carol Ann Duffy (Macmillan/Faber Poetry)

Britain's first out lesbian Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, has brought forth two compelling collections of vibrant poems in Rapture and The Bees. She continues to impress with her themes of compassion and empathy, encompassed by her overarching senitments on love and reality. Emotions are spilled across every page and Duffy's assertion on how love shapes us is unmatched. Duffy's diversification in style, language, and form is unique as she always packs a deep and often jarring message to her readers. 
(Rapture: FSGBooks.com, $15.00; The Bees: FSGBooks.com, $23.00)

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