20 Must-Read Books We Missed Last Year

So many books, so little time. But these little LGBT-penned miracles — which run the gamut from crime and mystery to coming out, religion, politics, sex, the Mafia, and identity — belong on summer reading lists.



Skyjack: The Hunt for D.B. Cooper by Geoffrey Gray (Broadway, $15)

One of the most fascinating reads of 2012, Skyjack honors the 41st anniversary of D.B. Cooper's daring 1971 jump — from a moving plane with 20 pounds of cash strapped to his chest — and tries to separate fact from fiction about the jump, the manhunt that proceeded, and why Cooper is now the Bigfoot of law enforcement. Gray was the only reporter to have been granted access to Cooper's FBI file, and he crisscrosses the country meeting possible suspects (including a transgender woman, Barbara Dayton, who is worth her own book), and trying to solve this case. A must-read for crime and Cooper buffs as well as lovers of good long-form journalism. But if you don't have time to read, don't worry: There's a movie version coming soon. 

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