Revisiting the Black Cat

In 1967 the world forever changed for LGBTs, whether they knew it then or not, with a momentous night at an unassuming gay bar in Los Angeles.



As we celebrate 45 years of The Advocate's history, we look both inward, to our long record of reporting on the struggle for LGBT rights, and outward, to a new generation of activists carrying the torch for equality. This original photo of the protests (participants' names and photographer unknown) has been re-created by Bradford Rogne and features activists (above, from left) James Duke Mason, 19, founder of the Trailblazer Campaign; Eileen Ma, 40, executive director of API Equality L.A.; and Jake Finney, 40, Anti-Violence Project manager for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center and organizer of Trans Pride in Los Angeles.