What Poet Eileen Myles Advocates This Month

Here’s what Eileen Myles, poet, prolific literary activist, and author of 18 books, plays, and libretti (including her new double volume, Snowflake/different streets), is passionate about this month.



…The Occupy Movement
Though nobody’s living in Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park today, the message delivered there, that Americans of all ages, especially the young, are not taking lightly the miserable reality of our economy being held hostage by greedy bankers and brokers and politicians, is the best news I’ve heard in more than a decade. A large number of the people most involved in the Occupy movement are queer, and the fact of “us” has been in the message from the start, as were poetry readings and the abundance of books on site during the most active part of the occupation downtown—these aspects make this political movement both unique to the 21st century and reminiscent of a less media-driven political moment when the collective body, the human microphone and not the electronic one, has the power to speak to its time. OccupyTogether.org