Hot Sheet: There's Slightly More to Life Than Magic Mike

The top 10 entertainment highlights on our gaydar this week: RuPaul's best and brightest, the art of crosswalks, and we try not to obsess about Magic Mike's potential for deleted scenes.



10. DVD: An Affirmative Act
Just in time for the election, An Affirmative Act, billed as the first courtroom drama about same-sex marriage, is now available on DVD. In this tense, gripping drama, a lesbian couple seeking equal benefits are drawn into a legal battle to maintain custody of their young son when they’re accused of fradulently applying for a marriage license in New York as “man and wife.” Featuring an award-winning cast including Charles Dunning, Blanche Baker, Eric Etebari (pictured) and The Village People’s cowboy Randy Jones, this important film is timely, relevant, and compelling. (Watch the trailer)

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