Ruffling Some (Peacock) Feathers



CALIFORNIA GAYS PEACOCK MAIN X390 (RYAN JAMES YEZAK) | ADVOCATE.COMHow does one go about renting a peacock?
We got it at one of
those animal rental places about an hour outside of L.A. It’s funny
because about a month ago I tweeted, “Hey, where can I get a peacock?” No
one knew what I was talking about. All my Twitter followers and
Facebook friends sent me suggestions, and one of them was the animal
rental place. I guess they had Googled it, and we actually ended up using
it, so it was really helpful.

There also seems to be equally if
not more skin than in the “California Gays” video, and there’ are even a
pseudo sex-scene. Well, a rolling-around-in-bed scene.

definitely a lot of foreplay and sexualness. It got flagged by YouTube
the first day after a couple hours of being up, and then it went under
review. And they determined it appropriate, so luckily they didn’t deem
it an actual sex scene. They were fully clothed! [Laughs]

Did you encounter that problem with "California Gays"? Viewers flagging the video?
Yeah, the first video got flagged as well.

Maybe it was just Guy Branum in a bathing suit?
[Laughs] I doubt that was it. Everybody loves to see Guy Branum in a bathing suit.

Of course! We love Guy here at The Advocate. How did you get him to be part of your first video?

actually a friend of mine. And in that part of the video I wanted to
get this whole spectrum of the “gay rainbow” in California. And Guy was
just a celebrity gay being a part of that. I wanted to have him in a
random cameo so that people stop and say, “Oh, there’s Guy Branum. He’s a
California Gay!” So Guy was nice enough to be a part of it.