Four LGBT Projects You Could Give Money To This Month

Thanks to Kickstarter and IndieaGoGo, there is never a shortage of worthy LGBT projects seeking money. Here are a few we deem worthy this week.





FILM: Trans Person: A Story of Living Transgender in the USSR

In a poignant and vulnerable portrait of what it's like to be transgender, Trans Person uses experimental filmmaking innovations while telling the story of Olga, a Latvian transgender woman who was living openly during the times her country was under Soviet occupation.

In a unique structure of storytelling, the film begins by Olga telling her life story to her only friends: her guinea pigs. Yet as the plot moves forward we begin to see, through actors and archival footage, the real struggles that transgender men and women face every day in Eastern Europe.

Directed by Latvian filmmaker Una Celma, the film will also be comprised of Latvian actors and will be subtitled in English.

To donate, check out their Indiegogo campaign.