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Súper Mamá Grissel Granados

Las madres viviendo con VIH son raramente "visibles," pero una mujer esta cambiando eso.

Pose's Ryan Jamaal Swain on Why He Feels More Liberated Than Ever

This freedom dreamer finds himself in a good place despite the global pandemic.

Gay Music Exec Michael Alago Beat AIDS and Bathed With Nina Simone

The gay former music executive who signed Metallica spills his guts in a new memoir. 

Andrew Rannells on His First Meeting With Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman

The star of The Boys in the Band and The Prom still can't get over how gracious they were. 

How The DL Chronicles Creators Paved the Way for Black Queer Stories

Filmmakers Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett created The DL Chronicles during a time when Black queer stories were nearly nonexistent.

'Ratched' Star Charlie Carver Doesn't Regret Coming Out — Not One Bit

The star of The Boys in the Band, Ratched, and The Batman has never been busier. 

Pakistan Bans Grindr, Tinder, And More in Its War Against Immorality

The bans are due to Pakistan's latest regulations to block or remove posts the government considers vulgar or indecent.

Nonbinary Director Donta Storey On Their Queer Compton Biopic 'LiME'

The filmmaker is making their mark telling narratives of identity and home.

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Casts Its First-Ever Trans and Nonbinary Roles

Nonbinary actor Blu del Barrio and transgender actor Ian Alexander will be beaming up on October 15. 

Dancing With the Stars to Feature Johnny Weir, Carole Baskin, and More

A gay figure skater, a bisexual actress, and a big-cat lover? Talk about good TV. 

Chaz Bono Speaks About J.K. Rowling's Transphobia for the First Time

"When the person who writes your favorite series of books about oppressed people decides to start oppressing you, it's very strange. It doesn't make any sense." 

Queer People And The Effects of 'Doom Scrolling'

Are we only as happy as our news feeds?

Polish Bishops Propose Sending LGBTQ+ People to Conversion 'Clinics'

These so-called clinics are the latest attempt to oppress LGBTQ+ Poles. 

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce Endorses Biden for President

"Joe Biden proudly affirms an essential core value of the NGLCC: that we all deserve our shot at the American Dream," the group says.

'Black Panther' Star Chadwick Boseman Dead at 43

The actor's legacy will forever be cemented in Black Hollywood history. 

‘Black Trans Lives Matter’ Mural Created at Compton's Cafeteria Site

The project commemorates the 54th anniversary of the riot as The Transgender District hosts a virtual party tonight in honor of its legacy. 

Piers Morgan Goes Off the Rails in LGBTQ+ Pride Train Rant

The new Pride train had its inaugural trip this week, fully equipped with an all-LGBTQ+ crew.

Texas Teacher Put on Leave for Promoting BLM, LGBTQ+ Equality

A high school English teacher was put on blast by a Republican politician for displaying affirming messages in her virtual classroom. 

Germany May Make It Easier for Lesbian Couples to Co-Parent

While the plan is to ease the burden of complicated adoption processes for female couples, it will not apply to men.