Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

The only white artist who has been thoroughly embraced by the black audience, long before Christina Aguilera and the slew of girls to follow, Teena Marie has dominated blue-eyed soul.




I'm not sure how true this is, but I heard that you said
on the radio you had a same-sex experience?

Umm... yes. [


You were obviously very close to the late, great Rick James.
What do you think of the Dave Chappelle skits on him?

It was very funny -- Rick loved it. So, if he loved
it, I love it. The statement that was made was not what Rick
said, it was never "I'm Rick James B." Rick used to
always say, "I'm Rick MF James!" That's what
he would say. So the whole "Rick James B" thing was a
made-up Dave Chappelle thing.

When you get to heaven, what is the DJ playing?

I'm sure it's Aretha Franklin. I'm sure it's
something off the
Amazing Grace

album. Probably, Aretha Franklin "Wholy Holy." I hope
when Rick James went to heaven they played Aretha Franklin
"Wholy Holy" too. He loved her as much as I did. I have a
lot of beautiful moments riding around with him in his Rolls,
me and him just playing Aretha all day.

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