I Can See Clearly Now

This week, as Reese regains her sight on All My Children, actress Tamara Braun speaks frankly about daytime's first same-sex wedding and the subsequent fallout from diehard fans of Rianca.




You had a great on-screen sparring partner in the one and
only Susan Lucci. As Erica Kane, she was always being
confrontational with Reese. How was working with La Lucci?

Oh, it's great working with Susan. She has been so supportive
of me, my being on the show and telling this story. It is fun
to have Reese go up against Erica in scenes. Who better to go
head to head with than the great Erica Kane?

Tamara, you are set to leave Pine Valley and the show

Yes, I am. I do not know when my last air date will be, but I
am wrapping up soon, and I am told there will be a happy ending
for Bianca and Reese.

How was working with Eden as your other half on-screen?

I love Eden. She is my friend and she opened her arms to me
when I came to
All My Children,

and we became fast friends. It was incredible. We would look at
each other at times and hold each other's hands. We were a
bit sad that the whole wedding was not happy, and that her
gorgeous vows were intercut with another section of the show.
Because of that and the fact that Reese kissed Zach the night
before, we just held each other's hands and said,
"Wouldn't it just suck if we didn't like each
other?" And we laughed, and we are so thankful that we
care about one other and respect each other.

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