Soapside: Advocate 's Guide to Daytime

Y&R 's Chris Engen walks off the set after refusing to kiss his male costar; Daytime Emmy Nods for Braun and Hansis but not Crystal Chappell; Soap Hunks court your vote; and more.



Jessica Leccia Crystal Chappell Guiding Light x390 (CBS) | ADVOCATE.COM

And in one of the most glaring omissions on the final ballot, straight and gay soap fans alike were devastated that Crystal Chappell ( Olivia, GL ) did not make the cut in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category. Remember, you are judged on one episode, and it all depends how your reel sits with the judges. Well, no matter what, Crystal deserved the Emmy for her powerful and unwavering portrayal of a woman coming to terms with having feelings for another woman for the first time. Click here for a complete list of nominees, interviews, and reactions.

Where the Boys Are

Hop on over to and vote this week in the semifinal round for the Adonis 2009 competition. Now through May 26, vote for your hottest studs from The Bold and the Beautiful and Days of Our Lives. Fans have the power to vote for their favorite pair of abs and pecs into the final round! B&B 's Brandon Beemer (Owen) and Days ' Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Shawn Christian (Daniel) are just a few of the tantalizing choices.

Rally Time

While many gay fans are used to rallying for gay rights, how about rallying to "Save the Light "? If you are in the Big Apple on Friday, head out and show your support for the canceled 72-year-old soap Guiding Light. The organizers are staging a powwow and lovefest for the show. Meeting place is the studio of CBS's The Early Show and participants will march to the corporate headquarters Lifetime Television, the cable net that many are hoping will pick up the show once it's off CBS. Organizer Karen Oswald says the Light must stay on the air not only because of its rich multigenerational history of the show but also the unconventional yet engaging stories ... including the romance of Otalia, which has taken viewers on a spectacular ride. For more info check out .

Scene Stealer of the Week

If you suffer from amnesia, a surefire way to get your memory back is to relive your gang rape! Yup, that's what One Life to Live 's Marty Saybrooke had to endure. Actress Susan Haskell gave the life-changing performance of the week, tied up to a chair by one former rapist, with the ringleader of the deed, Todd Manning, tied to a bedpost and sprawled out on a bed in front of her. Men, get your minds out of the gutter! Haskell was phenomenal and proved why she is one of the top contenders to walk away with the Outstanding Lead Actress prize when the Daytime Emmys are handed out August 30 on the CW!

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