The Ties That Bind

Y&R 's John Driscoll talks about playing the son of a gay father, his character's sexuality, and being part of one of daytime's royal families.




Well, I am questioning it. Well, you can question it all you want. [ Laughs ]

Well, I thought it was interesting that Chloe asked him if he was gay. Then the fact that he told her he never had sex with a girl and was a virgin made me wonder. I thought perhaps that could all be a red herring, because maybe Chance is denying he is gay? So for all purposes right now, he is being portrayed as straight? Just double-checking ... He makes references to a female in some scenes. He says, "I have kissed a lot of girls. I just think I have not found the right one. I am sure she is out there." But honestly, who knows? Down the line they could change their minds about how things are going to go. As of right now they are playing him as if he is not gay.

My thought is, we have Phillip III, who is gay and came out to his family after 20 years in hiding, and now his son is closeted and needs help coming out, and that is how they bond. What do you think of that story? If we are talking drama, that is one hell of a dramatic story line. As long as it is told as a good story, and they did some research on it and did not throw it together, I would not be against it. I just don't think that is where the story line is headed right now, but I am always up for options.

Chloe definitely seems to be where Chance's interest lie. At this point Chloe is the object of his affection, and he is attracted to her. He is very interested in her because she has a very rocky background, but through and through she has just been herself. He respects her, and there is a spark and energy between them.

Chance came back from the Iraq war, and when he returns home he finds his father, who he thought had died, is alive and in Genoa City. What does Chance feel for Phillip at this point? At this point he is not feeling anything. It's still new to him. His dad was not around all his life. He did not know him. He thought Phillip was dead, and now he is back, and I don't know the first thing about him. To Chance, he is just a guy!

On yesterday's episode of Y&R, Chance finally learned the truth -- that his dad is gay. Tell me your thoughts on those scenes. First off, it's a great story. They have not spent enough time with it yet and have not told it fully. Initially, I think it would be a lot harder if there were more emotional history between the two characters. If there were some more emotional strings to pull from, like a "How can you lie to me" sort of thing, but there hasn't been. So you can't play the betrayal just yet. He learns his father is gay, and his mom, Nina, seems to be moving on past that, and she wants me to get to know this guy. So to Chance and his mentality, a person is a person. I am sure Chance dealt with that in the military -- finding out that guys are gay, and that's fine. I think he feels, I don't care that you are gay. That's OK. Just don't hurt my mom. If you are my father, you have to earn my respect and that title. I think what is coming up is a point where there is a common ground, where there is something they are similar on. And from that, their relationship can expand. I think right now they are sizing each other up. Chance does not want to let his father into his heart yet, because he hasn't earned his respect. Phillip doesn't want to push him too hard to where he completely loses his son. So at this point they are at square one.

But Chance had to question him about his marriage to his mom. The backstory is that Phillip knew he was gay all along, even though he married Nina and had a son. He does. Chance questions the relationship between Nina and him. How did he cover it up? Was there anyone there? Did he have any relations with a man during that time period? His father said no. Phillip used alcohol to cover up the pain and to hide everything until he could come to terms with who he was. Then he took off. So no one saw him.

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