Chandra Wilson: When You're Good to Chandra

Grey's Anatomy scene-stealer Chandra Wilson brings her "va-jay-jay" back to Broadway as Chicago's Mama Morton — and dishes about those rumored Grey's departures too.




Your film debut was 1993's Philadelphia, one of the most celebrated gay-themed movies of all time. How was that experience?
I don't think I had a full script until we went to Philadelphia to do the table read, so that's when I first understood what the film we were going to make really was. Everyone was so gentle and careful with it, and everyone cared about it so much. It was amazing just to get the chance to watch [director] Jonathan Demme do his thing, to sit there with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington for a month and a half while we shot the courtroom scene, and to help Antonio Banderas learn English. [Laughs]

What do you recall about your 2002 guest spot as a police officer on Sex and the City?
That was the first episode of the fifth season and Sarah Jessica was pregnant, so the shooting schedule kept getting moved around because shooting depended on how good she was feeling. We shot my scene out on 20th Street and Broadway in the middle of the day, and I remember knowing that I was a part of a real favorite. And it was a fun part to play because they let me do whatever I wanted to do as far as my expressions were concerned.

Back to Grey's, how did it feel to help catapult the word "va-jay-jay" into mainstream speech with your line "Stop looking at my va-jay-jay!" during Bailey's childbirth scene?
It was just one of those amazing things. We got that script cold at the table read. I kind of looked ahead and saw that word, and I just thought, Well, there's nothing I can do but just drop it. So I read it, dropped it, and we all fell out laughing for a good five minutes. Who knew that it was going to turn into what it did?

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