Christopher Sieber: The Kid Is All Right



An adoption story where the parents are two guys.
But it’s not really even that important. Any parents would go through this process if they’re in an open adoption. So that’s the coolest thing about the show — it’s not a gay story.

What’s your favorite number?
Dan is having problems connecting with the child. He’s so concerned he’s not going to feel that love that’s supposed to happen immediately. He’s so scared. There’s a split second during the song “My Kid” at the very end when he finally feels the lightning bolt of love. That’s such a great moment.

Does the show have a political message?
I don’t think so. We didn’t go there. There is a scene, “They Hate Us,” about a right-wing conspiracy against the gays.

You say it’s not political, but images of four conservative icons — Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill O’Reilly — pop up on a screen in the background.
That song is the one moment in the show that’s political.

Do you and your partner have any plans to adopt?
No! No-o-o! The child would starve to death! I love my friends’ kids. I love spoiling my nieces and nephews, but I’m not that guy. I’ve never thought, Oh, I want a kid.

Are you afraid of parenthood?
No, I’m afraid of not doing what I love doing. I love acting. I love performing. I love being in front of people, and if I couldn’t do that ... that’s a real fear.

A lot of guys would be afraid to go shirtless in front of an audience. It’s great to see a hunky leading man who doesn’t have a perfect gym body take his shirt off onstage.
I’m not that guy anymore. At first I was like, Oh, God. [Sighs] I was that guy, that buff, muscular guy. I had an eight-pack and the muscles. And then you get older. Also, I have injuries from Shrek. I’m in physical therapy. That show wrecked me.

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