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George Michael: Arrest 'my own stupid fault'

George Michael speaks out about drug arrest

Pop star George Michael was taken into custody early on Sunday at Hyde Park Corner in central London after a member of the public called police to investigate a man slumped over the wheel of his car.

Oscar observers hope for surprises

Entertainment News 2006-02-28 Oscar observers hope for surprises Hollywood is turning all eyes on its own brand of gold medal—Oscar gold—with more questions than answers about likely

New Christopher Rice novel deals with Iraq war

Blind Fall set for 2008 release.

30th anniversary edition of Dog Day Afternoon on DVD

Al Pacino stars as real-life bisexual bank robber.

Sci-fi author Octavia Butler dies at 58

Entertainment News 2006-02-28 Sci-fi author Octavia Butler dies at 58 Octavia Butler, considered the first black woman to gain national prominence in the United States as a science fiction writer,

Brokeback Mountain firmly entrenched in pop culture

Entertainment News 2006-02-25 Brokeback Mountain firmly entrenched in pop culture It began as a simple love story between two gay cowboys, and movie critics wondered whether America would embrace it. But i

South Korean gay film tops box office

Entertainment News 2006-02-25 South Korean gay film tops box office Just as Brokeback Mountain has become a pop-culture phenomenon in the United States, a gay-themed movie has

Desperate Housewives goes Latin

Entertainment News 2006-02-25 Desperate Housewives goes Latin More Desperate Housewives —in Spanish and Portuguese. Hoping to replicate the worldwide success of the Golden Globe&

Out actress Cherry Jones to tour with Doubt starting this fall

Lesbian actress Cherry Jones will reprise her Tony award–winning role in a 24-city tour of Broadway hit Doubt.

Brokeback Mountain chosen as "all-time greatest gay film" in Logo poll

Brokeback Mountain comes out on top among 50 queer films spanning three decades.

Director bails on Adam Sandler gay comedy

Wedding Crashers' Dobkin cites artistic differences.

Jamaican religious leaders gripe about Brokeback

Homosexuality is still illegal in the repressive Caribbean nation.

Bryan Singer may return for Superman sequel

Studio already setting up sequel to Superman Returns.