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The Advocate is the go-to source for all news related to LGBT travel. Discover the hottest destinations, parties, events, clubs, and hotels around the world that welcome gay tourists and make for great gay travel experiences. Read news from The Advocate's sister outlet, Out Traveler, which sends reporters to national and international locales in order to find the best places to relax, unwind, and explore. Be it museums, safaris, scuba diving, hiking, partying, or sightseeing, The Advocate Travel will guide LGBT readers to their next adventure.

The ultimate guide to cannabis in Provincetown

Provincetown, MA isn’t just a queer haven—it’s the new joint for cannabis culture.

Provincetown unveiled: The quintessential LGBTQ+ summer destination

Explore the enchanting allure of Provincetown, MA, through the author's vivid narrative of transformative LGBTQ+ experiences, from lively ferry rides and vibrant nightlife to the welcoming community and diverse activities.

Details emerge after a Chicago man dies on the world’s biggest gay cruise

The identity of the man who died on Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas during an Atlantis cruise has been revealed, and his family is seeking answers.

Yet another passenger dies on world’s biggest gay cruise

Recently, Atlantis Events-chartered cruises have included passenger deaths, and it happened again last week.

Dylan Mulvaney has a new passport, prompting celebrations from LGBTQ+ stars

Her passport now says “F” for female.

15 of the Queerest Places to Spend New Year’s

Whether it’s with millions of people or with a few, check out these places to go to have a queer New Year’s Eve.

Tommy Dorfman Accuses Delta Employee of 'Intentionally' Misgendering Her in Viral Video

"Everyone deserves to be treated with respect," the 13 Reasons Why actor wrote after she was "mistreated" while traveling for the holidays.

Advocacy Groups Warn White House of Risks to LGBTQ+ Refugee in Potential Asylum Policy Overhaul

A united front of LGBTQ+ and immigrants' rights organizations recently condemned potential changes to asylum regulations.

Everything You Missed at Austin Wolf's Inaugural Collab Week

The famous adult entertainer invited the best of the best on an exciting trip to Mexico.

Disney Omits 'Gay' Lyric From Song During a Florida Theme Park Performance

Is Disney World joining the ”don’t say gay” movement in Florida?

Remembering the LGBTQ+ History of a Queer Haven in Pennsylvania’s Countryside

Uncover the history of New Hope, Pennsylvania, the subject of five short documentaries premiering this fall.

This Texas Nonprofit Helps Transgender Youth Get the Health Care They Need

The North Texas Transportation Network provides travel grants for families seeking out-of-state gender-affirming medical care.

Watch This Lip-Syncing Flight Attendant Go Viral for All the Right Reasons

He says he does it so that passengers will remember what to do in case of an unlikely emergency.

Going to Southern Decadence? 5 Things to Know About New Orleans's Massive Queer Party

Partying, debauchery, and joy — it's all on display in the French Quarter during Labor Day weekend.

Canada Alerts LGBTQ+ Citizens of Potential Dangers of U.S. Travel

The Canadian government is warning its citizens to read up on anti-LGBTQ+ laws in states they plan to visit.

50+ Woof-Worthy Pics From Provincetown Bear Week 2023

We have the pics from the pool parties and more.

Paris Hilton Is Sliving in Her Best Era Yet

From new music to motherhood and a business empire, this queen isn't slowing down.

25+ Sizzling Pics, Video from Sydney WorldPride’s Bondi Beach Party

Australians once again prove a bulging speedo is the only way to smuggle your budgie – and we have it all on video.

Top 15 Destinations for LGBTQ+ Travelers

Need some help planning your next gaycation? You won’t go wrong with these gay-friendly locations.