June July 2016
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The nation's third-largest school system is respecting the rights of trans youth to equal treatment in their bathrooms, locker rooms and in sports participation.

May 03 2016 5:50 PM

Emanuel hopes to convince businesses to relocate from North Carolina after legislators passed a sweeping anti-LGBT law there.

March 31 2016 2:17 PM

Student, faculty, and community organizers in Chicago may have uncovered the most potent tool yet for disrupting Donald Trump's campaign of hate. 

March 24 2016 7:28 AM

As rallies hosted by the Republican front-runner become increasingly violent, the out MSNBC anchor highlights the ominous historical parallels emerging in Donald Trump’s campaign.

March 13 2016 1:35 PM

Chaos was the result when joyous protesters clashed with angry Trump supporters. 

March 11 2016 10:04 PM

Ryan McCarthy, a gay Chicagoan, was shocked by the violent reaction of a stranger when he sat down on a subway train Friday night. 

February 16 2016 2:47 PM

When a near-violent protest shut down a planned reception for LGBT Israeli group A Wider Bridge at the Creating Change conference last month, everyone involved lost. 

February 05 2016 4:16 PM