WATCH: Stephen Colbert Riffs on Jeremy Irons and Marriage Equality

Given Irons's theory that fathers might marry their sons if same-sex marriage is legal, Colbert looks at the implications for the Irons family.



Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert had a hilarious take on Jeremy Irons’s bizarre comments this week that marriage equality could lead to fathers marrying their sons to avoid inheritance taxes.

“One rich voice has risen above the noise” in the same-sex marriage debate, Colbert said. “Academy Award–winning actor Jeremy Irons, who, in an interview with The Huffing-Gay Post, made an argument against gay marriage that I have never heard before.”

Colbert then looks at the implications for Irons and his actor son, Max, and gives his impression of how Irons might approach, say, illegal immigration or equal pay for women. Watch below.


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