Trudy Ring

Trudy Ring, The Advocate’s copy chief, has spent much of her journalistic career covering the LGBT movement. When she’s not fielding questions about grammar, spelling, and LGBT history, she’s sharing movie trivia or classic rock lyrics.

Gwynevere River Song was shot to death at home in Waxahachie, Texas.

August 16 2017 8:59 PM

Organizer Dan Reynolds of Imagine Dragons said he welcomed the church's support but made clear he disagrees with its antigay doctrine.

August 16 2017 7:05 PM

Moore and Luther Strange will compete September 26 for the Republican nomination for U.S. senator.

August 15 2017 10:47 PM

Passed by the Senate, the bill wasn't even considered by the House, and now the special session is over.

August 15 2017 8:49 PM

That's one of the theories being advanced by the extreme right post-Charlottesville.

August 15 2017 6:31 PM

All representations of white supremacy need to be removed, say organizers of the Durham action.

August 14 2017 8:40 PM

“I feel a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism,” Merck chairman Kenneth Frazier said.

August 14 2017 3:22 PM