Op-ed: The 6 Gay Men You Never Want to Meet — Part II

Run! Get away while you still can!



Mr. Power Trip
At first, this gay man seems like he is just as romantic as he can be. He opens doors, he pays for every dinner, and he has no problem making plans for the both of you. You may be a little uncomfortable with how take-charge he is, but you appreciate the effort. Who doesn’t need a Prince Charming every now and then, right? But once this power-hungry maniac has you on lockdown, he won’t only be picking up the check and choosing the reservations, he will begin to control the parts of your life that don’t even involve him. Or at least … they didn’t until now. Mr. Power Trip may come off as a regular prince, but you might find yourself locked in the tower after a few months with this one. (Illustrated by Clarione Gutierrez)

The perils of dating will always be present, but learning how to identify those who truly embody these undercover goons makes it a whole hell of a lot easier to not waste a perfectly good Friday night.

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