Op-ed: The 6 Gay Men Who Are Changing the World

We may joke about the nightmarish men we encounter out in the world, but there are also a lot of gay guys making the world a better place.



The Dreamer
While The Historian reminds us of where we came from, we owe the vision of what could one day be possible to The Dreamer. When gay men and women were huddled in dark, dank places, hiding their identities in fear of societal and judicial ramifications, this wide-eyed idealist believed that one day we could achieve respect among out heterosexual counterparts. The Dreamer inspired all of these other five gay men who are changing the world by making them believe that we deserve more and should settle for nothing less. And if you might be one of those other six gays, or another type you still owe this visionary a thank you every now and again.

If you are lucky, each one of these men will remind you of someone you have in your life. If so, let them know just how much you appreciate how they are changing all of our lives for the better. And if they are single, well…. What are you waiting for?


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