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Michael Lucas on Anderson Cooper and the Supposed Judas Kiss

Op-ed: Anderson Cooper and the 'Judas' Kiss

Most gay men know this: Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. 

Campus Pride Says College Students Will Protest Chick-fil-A

Op-ed: Colleges Rally to Kick Chick-fil-A Off Campuses

College students will protest Chick-fil-A, warns the executive director of Campus Pride, and the organizations responsible for keeping it on campus or supporting its college bowl game should take notice.

Romaine Patterson Dedicates Her Cycle for the Cause Ride to Her Brother Michael

Op-ed: For My Brother, Michael, And Yours

One half of The Derek and Romaine Show talks about how her late brother changed her life.

Andrew Extein Explains What County Jails Face in Welcoming Gay Inmates

Op-ed: A Test for County Jails

Social worker Andrew Extein shares what he learned from spending countless hours talking to countless gay inmates in 2008 about their experiences in Los Angeles County jails.

Jose Lugaro on Why He Will Ride in Cycle for the Cause

Op-ed: Why We Ride and Keep on Giving

The New York LGBT Center's Jose Lugaro talks about the list of names he keeps in his pocket while on the Cycle for the Cause.

Amber Hall on Why She Is Riding in Cycle for the Cause

Op-ed: How Riding Makes The Problem More Visible

I work in media, specifically in LGBT media, and I’ve met countless members of our community who inspire me — many of whom are HIV positive, and many who dedicate their lives to fighting the epidem

Here Media CEO Says Chick-fil-A Is a Nuisance Unworthy of UCLA

Op-ed: Chick-fil-A Is a Nuisance Unworthy of UCLA

News that the fast food chain plans to expand to the University of California, Los Angeles has the CEO of Here Media worried for his alma mater’s reputation.

A Young Activist Sets Out to Get Wiser About AIDS

Op-ed: Getting Wiser About AIDS Activism

A Cycle for the Cause rider talks about his maturation as an HIV/AIDS activist.

Rick Weber Is a Man on a Mission — and a Bike

Op-ed: A Man on a Mission, and a Bike

A Cycle for the Cause rider explains how his mission to help others with his bicycling became personal.

Gays Giveth and Gays Taketh Away An Open Letter to Bailey Hanks

Gays Giveth and Gays Taketh Away: An Open Letter to Bailey Hanks

One Broadway performer chides another for her open support of equality foe Chick-fil-A.

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