WATCH: Teen from Disturbing Coming-Out Video Pays It Forward
September 07 2014 9:10 AM ET

WATCH: Ga. Teen, Kicked Out, Pays It Forward

Sunnivie Brydum

A 19-year-old's video of his family's violent reaction to coming out prompted massive donations — which the teen is now directing to a local homeless shelter for LGBT Youth.

WATCH: Dr. Drew Interviews Gay Teen Attacked by Christian Family
August 29 2014 4:34 PM ET

WATCH: Dr. Drew Interviews Teen Attacked by Family

Sunnivie Brydum

Hours after a video capturing his family's violent reaction to his coming-out went viral, a 19-year-old student in Georgia appeared on HLN's Dr. Drew on Call.

LISTEN: 'Ex-Gay' Activist Knows 'Anyone With a Brain' Opposes Equality
August 19 2014 4:32 PM ET

LISTEN: 'Ex-Gay' Activist Knows 'Anyone With a Brain' Opposes Equality

Sunnivie Brydum

Stephen Bennett, who claims to have been 'cured' of his homosexual tendencies, says same-sex couples can 'absolutely' raise children, but it's against God's master plan.

Star of 'Ex-Gay' Org's Video Shocked at Group's Actual Purpose
August 14 2014 4:19 PM ET

Star of 'Ex-Gay' Org's Rebranding Video Shocked By Actual Purpose

Trudy Ring

Video producer and actress Jean Hudson says had she known, she would not have taken on the project.

Meet the 'Ex-Gay' Man James Franco Will Bring to the Big Screen
August 11 2014 4:57 PM ET

Meet the 'Ex-Gay' Man James Franco Will Play on the Big Screen

Trudy Ring

In Michael, Franco will star as Michael Glatze, a onetime gay journalist who has renounced his homosexuality and become a conservative Christian minister.

Former 'Ex-Gay' Activist Backs Away from Past, Now Supports GLAAD
July 29 2014 4:07 PM ET

Former 'Ex-Gay' Activist Wouldn't Date an 'Ex-Gay' Man

Sunnivie Brydum

Even when she was a popular talking head for the movement that claims homosexuality can be 'cured' by prayer, Yvette Cantu Schneider didn't really trust that anyone, including herself, could be 'ex-gay.'

Supreme Court Upholds California's Ex-Gay Therapy Ban
June 30 2014 11:06 AM ET

Supreme Court Upholds California's 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Ban

Michelle Garcia

The Supreme Court declined to review two lawsuits brought forth by anti-LGBT organizations.

NCLR Looks to Ban 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Nationwide
June 24 2014 3:09 PM ET

Will Your State Be Next to Ban 'Ex-Gay' Therapy?

Sunnivie Brydum

A new campaign from the National Center for Lesbian Rights wants to outlaw so-called conversion therapy in all 50 states in the next five years.

Texas GOP Adopts 'Vile' 'Ex-Gay' Platform
June 09 2014 2:58 PM ET

Texas GOP Adopts 'Vile' 'Ex-Gay' Platform

Sunnivie Brydum

The Texas Republican Party's official platform, adopted Saturday, endorses so-called reparative therapy and says family should not be 'redefined to include homosexual couples.'

Univ. of Kentucky Asks Students If Homosexuality Is a Sin
April 08 2014 2:46 PM ET

Univ. of Kentucky Asks Students If Homosexuality Is a Sin

Sunnivie Brydum

An email survey from University Health Services posed a number of questionable queries to students at the University of Kentucky, including if they believed 'male homosexuality is a perversion.'

Op-ed: What It's Like Being Trans In Military Academies
December 16 2013 9:07 PM ET December 18 2013 11:57 PM ET

Op-ed: What It's Like Being Trans In Military Academies

Brynn Tannehill

'There are two types of hiding: the kind that requires you to lurk in the dark spaces of the day, behind shadowy places ... and there is hiding in plain sight.'