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Just like Stonewall, Comic-Con is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and fittingly, queer inclusion has reached a new level.

July 18 2019 9:07 PM

There has been immediate backlash to Gazeta Polska's plan.

July 18 2019 7:31 PM

This sexy, talented POC ensemble is in its third season of evoking laughter and tears.

July 18 2019 5:29 AM

The Advocate premieres Ode to Pablo, a unique intersectional coming of age story that's part of the 2019 PBS Online Film Festival. 

July 09 2019 6:31 AM

In an interview with Buzzfeed, White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere defends Trump's refusal to support the Equality Act and his decision to ban trans people from the military.

July 01 2019 8:54 PM

Los Angeles's Outfest highlights female, POC, and trans voices at next month's event.

June 26 2019 4:29 PM

The storylines of Trans Monogamist come from real-life triumphs and tribulations.

June 24 2019 1:49 PM