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This writer says LGBT people are diagnosed psychiatric medications and can't get off them — possibly like Jesse Jacobs, who recently died in a Texas prison.

August 12 2015 5:00 AM

Tyler Curry recalls how The Real World's HIV-positive hero changed his life. Where's his contemporary equal?

August 12 2015 4:30 AM

John Oliver explores the dismal state of American sex education classes and offers a solution with a little help from his celebrity friends.

August 10 2015 8:12 AM

California officials, who don't want to pay for Michelle-Lael Norsworthy's surgery, are now releasing her on parole.

August 08 2015 7:41 PM

This writer and Advocate intern used to revel in the fact that men found him attractive because he's Filipino. Now the attention feels like pandering racism.

August 07 2015 5:00 AM

Being healthy makes you look good, but for many gay men, good is never good enough.

August 07 2015 3:15 AM

From financial to spiritual to practical, here are 10 pearls of wisdom offered by celebrities at the Los Angeles LGBT Center's summer fundraiser for elders.

July 31 2015 4:00 AM

The Obama administration gave The Advocate and Plus a sneak peek at its proposal for battling HIV over the next five years.

July 29 2015 7:11 PM

The not-so-curious case of Michael Johnson illuminates the way racial 'preferences' on dating apps conspire with a biased criminal justice system to criminalize HIV-positive gay black men.

July 29 2015 10:00 AM