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Committee Considers Relaxing Blood Donation Ban for Some Gay Men

Some Gay Men Might Be Able to Donate Blood... Maybe

A committee hearing today resulted in suggestions to relax the outright restriction on gay and bisexual men donating blood. But activists say the changes still stigmatize men who have sex with men.

Op-ed: Changing When Health Care Does More Harm Than Good

Op-ed: Changing When Health Care Does More Harm Than Good

There may be more access to health care for transgender people, but it doesn't mean things are better.

Op-ed: Pedro Zamora, Twenty Years Later

Op-ed: Pedro Zamora, 20 Years Later

Twenty years after his death, HIV and AIDS activist Pedro Zamora's legacy remains crucial in the the fight against the virus.

Op-ed: Why An Ad Featuring A Transgender Woman Means So Much

Op-ed: Why An Ad Featuring A Trans Woman Means So Much

A new national CDC campaign features a transgender woman as its spokesperson for the first time ever.

STUDY: Yes, Trans Men Can Get Pregnant Despite Testosterone, Dysphoria

STUDY: Yes, Some Trans Men Do Seek Pregnancy

A small investigative study hopes to inspire more research into unprecedented findings that complicate assumptions about trans men's experience and emotions during pregnancy.

Calories Are a Bullied Gay's Best Friend

Calories Are a Bullied Gay's Best Friend

Josh Sabarra shares how being bullied as a young gay teen led to an unhealthy relationship with food.

Op-ed: Why We're Still Waiting for Gay Hollywood to Talk About PrEP

Still Waiting... for Gay Hollywood to Talk About PrEP

When will PrEP have its Magic Johnson moment?

WATCH: Is Canadian Transgender Surgical Care Really Accessible?

WATCH: Is Canadian Gender-Affirming Surgery Really Accessible?

Trans residents of British Columbia are rallying this weekend to draw attention to their province's years-long wait lists for state-covered gender-affirming surgeries.

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