OpEd Remembering Gary
June 21 2012 4:30 PM ET

Op-ed: Remembering Gary

Tim Lee

For some, the AIDS/LifeCycle ride is about commemorating those we have lost.

153 of the Most LGBT Friendly Hospitals
June 19 2012 2:00 AM ET

153 of the Most LGBT-Friendly Hospitals

Charles Hicks

Which hospitals are truly the best when it comes to caring for LGBT patients?

OpEd AIDS LifeCyclers Tell it Like It Is
June 15 2012 7:12 PM ET

Op-ed: AIDS/LifeCyclers Tell it Like It Is

Advocate.com Editors

Four riders share their personal experiences and photos from this year's AIDS/LifeCycle.

John Kerry and Mike Quigley Amp Up Effort to End Ban on Gay Men Donating Blood
June 11 2012 5:00 PM ET

Kerry, Quigley Amp Up Effort to End Gay Blood Ban

Neal Broverman

Lawmakers John Kerry and Mike Quigley are amping up their effort to end the ban on gay men donating blood.

Busting Out the Drag on the AIDS LifeCycle Ride
June 08 2012 5:02 PM ET

Busting Out the Drag on the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride

Advocate.com Editors

A long ride makes for great legs. What better way to show them off than in the red dress event?

Photos from the Road to Fighting AIDS and HIV
June 05 2012 5:47 PM ET

Photos from the Road to Fighting HIV/AIDS

Advocate.com Editors

Riders for this year's AIDS/LifeCycle are three days into their 545-mile trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money for the cause.

California Moves Closer to Outlawing Reparative Therapy
May 30 2012 5:02 PM ET

California Moves Closer to Outlawing 'Reparative Therapy'

Lucas Grindley

California moved one step closer today to outlawing any effort to change a minor's sexual orientation through therapy.

Researcher Robert Spitzer Puts His Apology to Gay People on Video
May 30 2012 11:36 AM ET

Robert Spitzer Puts His Retraction of 'Ex-Gay' Study on Video

Lucas Grindley

Scientist Robert Spitzer's retraction of his 2001 study that claimed gays could switch their sexual orientation has been on the record first with

World Health Organization Affiliate Discredits ExGay Therapy and Urges Nations to Condemn It
May 18 2012 6:30 PM ET

World's Oldest Public Health Group Blasts 'Ex-Gay' Therapy

Neal Broverman

The group is part of the World Health Organization, representing WHO in the Americas.

Activists Wonder If Support from Obama Will Be Boon for Benefits
May 15 2012 5:00 AM ET

Is Obama's Marriage Support a Boon for Benefits?

Julie Appleby of Kaiser Health News

President Obama's pronouncement last week in favor of same-sex marriage has no legal effect on employers’ decisions on whether to offer benefits to workers’ domestic partners, but some advocates believe it could reinforce a decade-long trend toward coverage. Last year, 52 percent of all employers offered domestic partner health benefits, with the percentage varying widely by region and industry, according to a nationally representative sample of about 3,000 employers surveyed by benefit consultant Mercer.  That’s up from 31 percent in 2010.

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