Justice Antonin Scalia's Greatest Fits

Justice Scalia's Greatest Fits

Invoking 'Kulturkampf,' 'legalistic argle-bargle,' and 'the black-robed supremacy,' Justice Scalia expresses his opposition to LGBT rights in a colorful manner. Just ask the nearest hippie.

WATCH: To Rick Santorum, Marriage Equality Proves He Was Right on Polygamy, Bestiality

Santorum: Marriage Ruling Proves My Polygamy Warnings

'If you have the right to consensual sexual activity ... then it opens the door to a variety of different things,' says the right-wing presidential hopeful.

Alabama Sodomy Law Struck Down – Finally

Alabama Sodomy Law Struck Down – Finally

Such laws were already found unconstitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, notes an Alabama appeals court.

La. Legislators Refuse to Repeal Sodomy Ban

La. Legislators Refuse to Repeal Sodomy Ban

The state's House of Representatives, facing pressure from the Christian right, votes down a repeal of the unconstitutional, unenforceable law that has nonetheless continued to be used as grounds for arrest.

Supreme Court Dismisses Ken Cuccinelli’s Sodomy Law Appeal

Maddow: SCOTUS Dismisses Cuccinelli's Sodomy Ban

Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli's campaign suffered another setback after the Supreme Court dismissed the Republican gubernatorial candidate’s appeal to reinstate Virginia's sodomy law.

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