Heather Wilson was an opponent of LGBT equality during her time in Congress.

March 28 2017 8:37 PM

A scandal that began with hundreds of Marines caught sharing nude photos of fellow female servicemembers on social media has expanded to include sharing of photos of males servicemembers on gay porn sites. 

March 18 2017 3:34 PM

In an emergency meeting, organizers decided to reverse a decision regarding the participation of OutVets — though the group has yet to accept.

March 10 2017 7:39 PM

"I will not tolerate discrimination in our city of any form," said Marty Walsh after the group OutVets wasn't allowed to participate.

March 08 2017 3:02 PM

Ending bans on open military service required collaboration and tenacity.

January 26 2017 6:13 AM

Peter Heidgerd was dishonorably discharged in 1989 with a felony conviction on his record.

January 18 2017 2:47 PM