Big Gay Following: Bobby Cannavale

He might be best known to gay audiences for his Emmy-winning role as Will’s first serious boyfriend, cop Vince D’Angelo, on Will & Grace, but Bobby Cannavale’s résumé is bedazzled with butch yet queer credits.



Does that mean you aren’t aware of your gay fan base?
One of the most fun things that ever happened to me was when I was with my son in the Village and we walked past the Duplex. It was the middle of the day and there were all these dudes outside, chuggin’ it up, laughing. All of a sudden, they stood up and started clapping for me! It was so silly, they were wasted, but I was really proud of that. And that opened up a whole conversation with my kid. I don’t really give a shit what people I don’t know think about me, but it does feel nice when it’s kind like that.

Was your son cool with it?
Yeah, totally. If you’re raising kids today and you don’t explain to them from the very beginning that there’s nothing unnatural about being gay and that we’re all God’s children, then there’s something wrong with you.

You had to be a cop on Will & Grace, but if you could choose, which member of the Village People would you be?
[Laughs] I would be the Native American, only because everybody in my neighborhood growing up knew him. I think he was Puerto Rican and from Hoboken or something. By the way, I didn’t know they were gay until I was much older! As a kid, I never put two and two together.

Will and Vince: Who was the top?
Aw, I don’t know! Now you’re painting a picture for me that I don’t paint! Let’s go with Vince. That’s probably a smart move. I mean, I got a bad back, anyway.

Did you get any razzing for playing “the guy with funky spunk” on Sex and the City?
I probably get razzed more for that till this day than for anything I’ve ever done — especially by women.

As the FBI agent in Snakes on a Plane, were you disappointed that you didn’t get to be on the motherfuckin’ plane with the motherfuckin’ snakes?
Not at all. I felt like I was in my own movie called The Guy on the Ground, and it was great. The only thing that bummed me out is that I always wanted to do that thing where you have to act like you’re in a plane that’s being shaken up, but the plane’s not actually moving — you know, where you’re walking and you’re like, “Whoa!”

Do you have a dude-crush?
Hmm, let me think. This isn’t a trick question, is it? I don’t know, Derek Jeter? I’m a huge Yankees fan. He’s just the best. I mean, I guess. What would’ve been a better answer?

Guys usually say Clooney or Pitt, so yours is fairly refreshing.
Oh, OK, then. Paul Giamatti [laughs].


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