Unconditional Love

The host of a popular Christian TV show comes out of the closet and finds his calling in the process.



The first time
that someone called me “gay,” I was in
kindergarten. I was at a young, impressionable age,
and I was new to being around strangers. One morning I
woke up to go to school, and I remember that everything
around me was very dark and eerie. I got onto the school bus
like everyone else. When we stopped to pick up another
person, the young boy who was sitting next to me
turned and spitefully said, “You’re
gay!” This was the first -- but not the last --
that I heard those words and experienced that kind of

In my heart I
have always felt love and understanding for other people. I
am a Christian, and I believe that God is the giver of
unconditional love and my supreme role model. All I
have ever wanted to do in my life is to promote love,
understanding, and acceptance. As the host of the popular
Christian TV show The Remix, I believe that my coming
out to the public will inspire others to believe in
the unconditional love that Christianity has to offer.
People should not fear God, and people should not fear

Many religious
believers condemn LGBT people by citing Scriptures from
the Old and New Testaments, and I want to encourage others
to study the Scriptures for what they really
say. I believe that my presence in the Christian
industry is a testimony to how times are changing. Love,
honesty, and integrity are strong guiding principles that
many Christians believe and follow, and these are the
principles -- especially unconditional love -- I want
to voice to those who are gay and struggling with
their faith.

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