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The antigay Florida Family Association has launched a war, as yet unsuccessful, against Degrassi: The Next Generation, a popular show featuring LGBT teens.

Members of the group are working to urge advertisers to drop their financial support of the Teen Nick show, but so far none have taken the bait. The Huffington Post reports that young adult novelist Sarah Dessen was bombarded with emails by the group — just because her publisher ran an ad during Degrassi.

Running intermittently since 1979, Degrassi explores controversial issues pertinent to teens, including abortion, date rape, and homosexuality. The show has sparked the ire of the FFA, which sent out the email barrage to advertisers and others Tuesday — the missive accused the show of operating as propaganda and asked, "Will your company continue to advertise on this irresponsible show?" Speaking to The Huffington Post, the group's founder David Canton specifically criticized the show's FTM transgender character as well as the show's gay football player.

“How many high schools have a gay first-string quarterback who becomes lovers with someone else on the team? This relationship is extremely unlikely and they shouldn’t open this to dialogue,” Canton said. “And I think that it is statistically improbable that you will have a female-to-male transgender who is in love with a lesbian or bisexual in a school setting.”

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