Neal Broverman

Neal Broverman is the executive editor of The Advocate, spending more than a decade at the revered publication. He indulges his interest in transportation and urban planning with regular contributions to Los Angeles magazine, and his work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He lives in the City of Angels with his partner and their chiweenie.

"I'm delighed to be joining Fox News," said Brazile, who was fired as a CNN analyst after she shared a debate question with Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

March 18 2019 2:11 PM

The queer activist wants his community to start seeing themselves in a new light.

March 17 2019 1:47 PM

Don't expect the presidential candidate to refer to the VP as "decent" anytime soon.

March 15 2019 2:43 PM

Imagine having so fragile an ego you can't even admit you misspoke?

March 11 2019 4:06 PM

Even after being accused of sexual misconduct, the disgraced homophobe is "seriously considering" running next year.

March 09 2019 5:31 PM

In a hearing on a proposed pro-gun law, Arkansas state senator Stephanie Flowers refused to be silenced and walked away victorious.

March 08 2019 2:07 PM

Once known for his box office hits, Ratner is now associated with homophobia and sexual harassment. He's now accused of facilitating Hollywood's "casting couch."

March 07 2019 2:18 PM