Behind the Mike at Radio Host Frank DeCaro's Wedding



Sirius satellite radio host Frank DeCaro married his longtime partner, Jim Colucci, Tuesday while on the air — which means you didn't get to see it. So here are the behind-the-mike photos of the nuptials, live from New York.

The Village Voice's Michael Musto reported on the repartee that kept the event moving on air. He said comedian Lizz Winstead officiated beautifully.

"Even Fred Phelps said, 'Fuck it — I won't protest this one," Winstead said while praising the couple.

"I promise always to remain your biggest fan," Colucci swore during the vows.

The Frank DeCaro Show airs on Sirius's OutQ station weekdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. — Lucas Grindley 

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