White House Hurries to Spin Pro-Marriage Comments by Biden
May 07 2012 2:53 PM ET

Joe Biden on Marriage Equality: Did He, or Didn't He?

Andrew Harmon

Reporters are wondering how to interpret the way the White House has reacted to the vice president's comments on Sunday.

Campaign Against Amendment 1 Enters Final Push
May 07 2012 11:27 AM ET

Campaign Against Amendment 1 Enters Final Push

Julie Bolcer

A final video and robocalls from prominent North Carolina political figures including Erksine Bowles contribute to a final push against the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Supports Marriage Equality
May 07 2012 9:49 AM ET

Education Secretary Arne Duncan Supports Marriage Equality

Julie Bolcer

Education secretary Arne Duncan joins Vice President Joe Biden and Housing secretary Shaun Donovan as Obama administration officials who support marriage equality.

Bill Clinton Comes Out Against Amendment 1
May 05 2012 2:58 PM ET

Bill Clinton Comes Out Against Amendment 1

Andrew Harmon

“If it passes, it won't change North Carolina's law on marriage,” President Clinton said in a new robocall message. “What it will change is North Carolina's ability to keep good businesses, attract new jobs, and attract and keep talented entrepreneurs."

Bank of America Exec Speaks Against Amendment One
May 04 2012 6:50 PM ET

Bank of America Exec Speaks Against Amendment One

Julie Bolcer

A gay senior leader at the nation’s second-largest bank stands against the constitutional amendment.

Colorado One Step Closer to Civil Unions
May 04 2012 9:09 AM ET

Republicans Help Move Colorado to Civil Unions


A Republican-controlled House committee approved the bill one week after the state Senate moved forward on it.

11 Democratic Chairs Urge Party for Marriage Equality
May 03 2012 5:13 PM ET

Does Your State's Dem Party Chair Back Marriage?

Michelle Garcia

Eleven state chairs of the Democratic Party have declared their support for adding marriage equality to the national party's platform.

Billy Graham Takes Out Full-Page Ad for Amendment One
May 03 2012 2:28 PM ET

A New Legacy? Billy Graham Goes Antigay at 93

Lucas Grindley

The famed pastor spent most of his life avoiding divisive politics but is in a full-page, antigay ad in 14 newspapers.

Wife of Amendment One Architect Makes it A Racial Issue
May 02 2012 7:48 PM ET

Amendment One: For Caucasian Race?

Michelle Garcia

The wife of a North Carolina state senator said the proposed amendment to ban marriage equality across the state is necessary to "preserve the caucasian race." 

Tracking How Voters Ended Marriage Equality in the South
May 02 2012 6:12 PM ET

How the South Voted Away Marriage Equality

Neal Broverman

North Carolina voters will take to the polls Tuesday to decide the fate of Amendment One, which would constitutionally ban any legal relationship recognition other than heterosexual marriage. The Tar Heel State will be the last state in Dixie to decide on banning marriage equality in its constitution — all other states in the conservative area overwhelmingly passed prohibitions in the last decade. To get a handle on how things may go down May 8 and see what kind of odds LGBT activists are up against in North Carolina, we've compiled the margins by which each Southern state banned same-sex marriage; view them on the following pages.  

New Poll Shows Little Movement in Voter Divide Over Amendment One
May 02 2012 8:54 AM ET

Bad Sign? Poll Shows Stagnation in N.C.

Andrew Harmon

55% of survey respondents favor the ballot measure that would constitutionally ban marriage and other forms of relationship recognition for gay couples. 41% of respondents oppose the measure.

Individual Donors Fueling Fight Against Amendment One
May 01 2012 8:34 PM ET

Who Is Paying the Bills in Amendment One Fight?

Julie Bolcer

Individual donors foot the bill on the opposing side, while NOM and the Roman Catholic Church line up on the other.

Ohio Attorney General Calls for Dismissal of Marriage Amendment Suit
May 01 2012 8:16 PM ET

Republican AG: Let Pro-Marriage Vote Go Forward

Trudy Ring

Mike DeWine urges dismissal of suit seeking to block a pro–marriage equality ballot measure.