10 Chinese Couples to Say 'We Do' in Los Angeles

10 Chinese Couples Will Say 'We Do' in L.A. 

Ten LGBT couples from China are on their way to Los Angeles to legally marry their same-sex partner.

WATCH: North Carolina Set to Give Clerks 'License to Discriminate'

WATCH: N.C. Set to Give Clerks 'License to Discriminate' 

Despite the Governor's veto, North Carolina lawmakers continue to advance a bill that would let judges and clerks refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

Conservative British MP Comes Out, Announces Wedding to Secret Partner of 29 Years

Conservative British MP to Marry Secret Partner

A member of the British parliament kept his sexuality and his relationship with another man secret for 29 years.

WATCH: Scott Walker Wants to Amend the Constitution to Ban Marriage Equality

Scott Walker Wants an Antigay Amendment to the Constitution

The possible GOP 2016 presidential candidate has a back-up plan ready in case the Supreme Court extends the freedom to marry nationwide this month.

Nebraska's Antigay Governor to Attend Lesbian Sister's Wedding

Nebraska's Antigay Gov. to Attend Lesbian Sister's Wedding

Sure, Gov. Pete Ricketts 'disagrees' with his sister's advocacy for LGBT equality. But that isn’t stopping him from attending her wedding today in Chicago.

Senate Blocks Benefits for Veterans in Same-Sex Marriages

Senate Blocks Benefits for Veterans in Same-Sex Marriages

Eight Senate Republicans supported the effort, but the amendment fell short of receiving the 60 votes needed to pass.

Patrick Stewart Comes Out In Support of Antigay Bakery

Antigay Bakery Has Captain Picard in its Corner

A sweet endorsement for a bakery in Northern Ireland, which lost its latest court battle over its refusal to make a cake with a marriage equality message.

Oklahoma Prisons Stop All Inmate Weddings to Prevent Gays from Marrying

Oklahoma Bars Inmate Weddings — Even Straight Ones

Since gay couples can marry, Oklahoma prison officials now won't let anyone behind bars marry.

Guam's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down by Federal Court
June 05 2015 1:07 AM ET

Guam's Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down

Same-sex couples in the U.S. territory can begin marrying as early as Monday.

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