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Democratic candidate Jim Kenney says Margie Winters, fired by a Catholic school for being in a same-sex marriage, should get her job back.

July 10 2015 4:29 PM

Indiana is still reeling from bad publicity over the state's "religious freedom" debacle.

July 10 2015 9:04 AM

LGBT advocates wait to see if any same-sex couple will come forward to challenge the U.S. territory's legal foot-dragging.

July 10 2015 7:43 AM

Now that the Supreme Court has established marriage equality nationwide, Marco Rubio does not support a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

July 09 2015 4:32 PM

The poll shows so many Americans support marriage equality that a conservative may not be able to win on the issue.

July 08 2015 10:03 PM

Obama is not caving to angry Kenyan protesters and a homophobic president, who want him to keep his mouth shut about gay rights on a forthcoming visit.

July 08 2015 7:12 PM

The 'born-again' former president sides with the Supreme Court in not requiring churches to perform same sex marriages.

July 08 2015 2:59 PM