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Prop 8 Organizers Face $49K in Fines
August 07 2012 11:10 AM ET

Pay Up, Gay Marriage Foes

Michelle Garcia

More than $1 million in contributions to the organizers behind 2008's ballot initiative to ban marriage equality in California were not properly reported to state authorities.

What to Wear for My Wedding
August 07 2012 5:00 AM ET

What to Wear for My Wedding

Steven Petrow

If you’re planning a wedding, then Steven Petrow’s guide, The New Gay Wedding, is truly a practical primer for brides and grooms, their families and guests. Here’s an excerpt on how to handle wedding attire.

UN Condemns Liberian Antigay Bill
August 06 2012 7:14 PM ET

UN Condemns Liberian Antigay Bill

Sunnivie Brydum

The United Nations last week condemned a proposed law in Liberia that would further criminalize gay and lesbian people.

HHS Says Antitransgender Discrimination Illegal Under Health Reform Law
August 06 2012 4:45 PM ET

HHS: Health Reform Law Prohibits Antitransgender Bias in Care

Trudy Ring

Responding to an inquiry from LGBT groups, the Department of Health and Human Services says a provision against sex discrimination covers gender identity and expression.

NOM Reminds Us That Both Genders Are Represented in Polygamist Marriages
August 06 2012 3:56 PM ET

NOM Reminds Us: Polygamist Marriages Include Both Genders

Lucas Grindley

Marriage equality supporters had been passing around a graphical reminder that the "biblical definition" of marriage includes concubines, polygamists, and slavery.

Roseanne Barr Wins Presidential Nomination and Gives LGBT Voters a New Option
August 06 2012 2:32 PM ET

An Option for LGBT Voters? Roseanne Wins Presidential Nod

Lucas Grindley

Giving voters yet another presidential candidate who favors marriage equality, Roseanne Barr won the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party during it

Washington Minister Wants to Someday Officiate Weddings for His Two Gay Sons
August 06 2012 1:44 PM ET

Minister Wants to Someday Officiate Weddings for His Two Gay Sons

Lucas Grindley

In its repeated effort to make the message on marriage equality about love and commitment, a new ad from the Pride Foundation again showcases religious parents who want that special moment when the

Watch What Happens When a Man Tries to Use Fire to Protest General Mills
August 06 2012 12:10 PM ET

WATCH: A Man Tries (And Fails) to Protest General Mills With Fire

Lucas Grindley

Things obviously didn't go as planned for a man who tried to light a box of Cheerios on fire in protest of General Mills' support for marriage equality.