The A-List Interview: Katee Sackhoff

Proven by her butch roles in Battlestar Galactica, returning series Longmire, and the upcoming film Riddick, Katee Sackhoff is one tough act to follow. So why is she jealous of Katherine Heigl?



At left: Sackhoff in Longmire


Have you kept in touch with him?
In all honesty, because I moved to Los Angeles when I was 17, I don’t speak to anyone from high school anymore. There are so many people who affected my life and my understanding of things back then, but I have no idea where these people are.

That’s what Facebook is for.
I don’t know how to use Facebook. I have a Facebook account, but my administrator does it. I don’t even know how to log in. But all my tweets go to my Facebook, so that’s as much as I know how to use Facebook.

Are there any LGBT storylines on the new season of Longmire?
If the show took place in a big city, where being gay was more common and accepted, that would naturally work its way into the storylines. Because of our show’s geography and the way these people live, it changes the accessibility to certain stories. Last season we did have a married father who was gay, but he was closeted because he’s a cowboy. I actually just had a conversation with the producers and writers and said, “We’re dancing around the gay and lesbian storylines. I’d really love if we had a gay character who isn’t in hiding. I want them portrayed in a way that isn’t a joke and isn’t shameful.” So it is going to happen when the timing’s right.

Have they found ways to get you out of your deputy’s uniform? It leaves everything to the imagination.
I know, right? Why does every character I play have to have a uniform that hides every inch of my body? There’s an episode where I go out in casual clothing, but it’s still not tits up, ass out — which I’m a big fan of. We have another episode where I’m undercover, and I was so hoping they’d say, “Katee, you’re going undercover as a hooker!” Instead, I’m sitting in a car, eating a burger.