Out100: The Activists Who Shaped 2013

The LGBT lawyers, doctors, activists, thinkers, and homecoming queens who changed the world.



Every year, The Advocate's sister publication Out honors the 100 most compelling LGBT people of the year, with an issue packed with gorgeous photos and brilliant write-ups. This year is no different. Here we excerpt some of the list's thought leaders and advocates.
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Edie Windsor
Out100: Lifetime Achievement
Photography by Danielle Levitt

From Out:

When the Supreme Court decision ruling the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional was announced on June 26 this year, Windsor was at the apartment of her lawyer, Roberta Kaplan, to receive a congratulatory phone call from President Obama. And then she went to the Stonewall Inn to celebrate. This time, in contrast to 1969, the whole city was there to join the celebration‚ testament to the distance we have traveled. “The next generation is so far advanced over us,” Windsor says. “I love that a lot of younger people now come out that would never have come out in the old days. Of course, they are born into a community already. They just have to discover it, whereas we were still building it.”

Photographed at the Plaza Hotel in New York City on September 12, 2013