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If nothing changes, 6 in 10 black gay and bisexual men in the United States will be HIV-positive by the time they are 40 years old. In order to spotlight this HIV crisis in the black community, The Advocate has launched #6in10Men, a series of op-eds, articles, and features on the subject.

STUDY: Half of Black Gay Men Will Test HIV-Positive

A new CDC report shows alarming HIV rates in the black and gay communities.

For Black Gay Men, HIV Is a Perfect Storm

The day after Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, amfAR's Greg Millett reminds us that it will take more than 24 hours to tackle all of the issues that cause HIV infection among black gay and bisexual men.


On National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Larry Kramer reminds us of the importance of anger, outrage, hope, and love.

Can a Blockbuster Help End a Black HIV Crisis?

One of the summer's biggest hits, Straight Outta Compton, had an important message about HIV awareness. But did audiences take it in?

Dear White LGBT People, Prove Black Lives Matter

Activists Cleve Jones and Liz Highleyman on the ways white LGBT people can do their part to end an HIV crisis in the black community.

Why Is There an HIV Crisis in the South?

A perfect storm of factors is creating an HIV epidemic below the Mason-Dixon line, especially for black gay and bisexual men.

How I Conquered My Fear of God and Got an HIV Test

Comedian Sampson McCormick recounts how a sex-positive guardian angel helped him get through a crisis of faith about sexual encounters with other men.

For Incarcerated Black Men, Few Options for Safe Sex

Gay and bi black men face both high rates of HIV and incarceration as well as a prison system that denies them lifesaving condoms.

The High Cost of the Black Church's Homophobia

An out pastor says 'praying the gay away' is inviting a devil of an HIV epidemic into the black community.

PHOTOS: Cruising In the Vale of Cashmere

Thomas Roma captured the quiet sexual tension in the Prospect Park cruising ground.

Fighting HIV in L.A.'s Ball Community

Outside West Hollywood, young black gay and bi men face the highest risk for HIV. To reach them, the Los Angeles LGBT Center is going to the ball. 

How Silence Kills Young Black Men

The fight against HIV is tied to the fight against homelessness, and it is time the LGBT community shows support for those most at risk.

Is Gay Dating Racism Creating a Black HIV Crisis?

Studies have shown that racism in the gay community is a factor in limiting the dating pool for black men. Does this information help us in the fight against HIV or distract from other issues?