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Alexander the Great

Tracking references to Alexander the Great, the famous bisexual leader from ancient Greece. Son of a Macedonian king, Alexander went on to conquer everywhere between Greece and India. Though he married three different women, he is also known for his lifelong love affairs with two men: the eunuch Bagoas and his childhood friend Hephaestion. Alexander the Great continues to be celebrated in art, culture, and media, including the 2004 film, Alexander, starring Colin Farrell as the titular character and Jared Leto as his male lover.

Greek politicians lose their minds over Alexander the Great's gay romance in Netflix show

If Greek parliament members are upset to learn Alexander the Great had same-sex relations, we have some bad news for them about Greek history.

New Mexico Republican: Gays Should Stop 'Whoring Around,' Marry Women

Sen. William Sharer pointed to Alexander the Great and Pocahontas as proof that marriage is only intended for a man and a woman.