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China: Change Afoot for LGBT Parents and Children?

The atmosphere in China is far from LGBT-friendly, but activists are working for change and seeing the U.S. as a model.

New Archive Shows Real History of LGBT-Led Families

The Family Equality Council and Yale University have partnered to create an interactive timeline, and Yale is preserving an archive of materials on the LGBT family equality movement.

Will Utah Be the Next State to Protect Gay-Headed Families?

Some activists believe marriage equality, with all its benefits for children as well as adults, will arrive soon in Utah.

The Most Adoption-Friendly Workplaces

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption ranks employers by their adoption-related benefits.

Diaper Bags for Gay Dads — and Maybe Lesbian Moms Too

Some companies are marketing baby-related gear tailored to dads, but we're willing to bet some moms will like their stuff too.

How to Find an LGBT-Friendly Adoption Agency

Finding one is not always easy, but there are some sources that can help you.

Obamacare and Its Benefits for LGBT Families

The Affordable Care Act promises to help same-sex couples, single LGBT folks, and their children in a variety of ways.

Beyond Benefits

Recession? What Recession?

Prevailing market wisdom says gays are less affected by economic downturns than heterosexuals. But how wise is that wisdom?

The Iraqi Who Took Manhattan

Dressed in jeans and a zip-up sweater and with his phone buzzing with text messages, Leo is like any 25-year-old New Yorker. Except he's a refugee, spirited out of Baghdad this winter.

Recessionary Tremors: “Jane”

Unemployed workers sometimes look to the sex industry as a quick and easy way to earn cash, though, meaning greater competition -- and lower prices.

Recessionary Tremors: Gabriel Silverstein

Silverstein, who has been in real estate for 14 years, says the current economic crisis has forced him to shift tactics to generate the same volume of deals.

Recessionary Tremors: Marvin Reguindin

Marvin Reguindin, president and creative director of Thinking Cap Communications and Design, a multiservice marketing firm, has noticed a drop-off in business lately, mainly from his larger clients.