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The Power of an HIV-Positive Community of Men to Transform Their World

"Being with other queer HIV-positive people is a liberating experience that allows a release of anxiety around status."

The Power of Gay Sex for Queer Liberation

A new sex-positive summit helps to bring the focus back to gay sex at this week's International AIDS Conference in Montreal, and that's important.

A Quarter Century With HIV and Thriving Sexually

Gay men living with HIV have had to cultivate a sexuality while encountering stigma, rejection, and criminalization.

Is 'Vax 4 Vax' Taking Over Grindr?

If you are fully vaccinated, you are not a better or more desirable person.

Finding Sexual Pleasure in a Modern Pandemic

Gay and bi men, this is not our first catastrophe. We know how to do this.

Has the Pandemic Put Gay Men's Sex Lives Under Attack Once Again?

Public shaming is not the answer to ending this pandemic -- and in fact, only increases stigma against gay men. 

When Pearl-Clutching Goes Wrong

Some people are more shocked over a word than the fact that gay and bisexual men of color continue to contract HIV at alarming rates.

These Apps Offer Peace of Mind on HIV

How mobile apps can offer some piece of mind when it comes to HIV and hooking up.