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Will Spain Sign Deal With Russia Barring Gays From Adopting?

Spain looks set to follow Italy in agreeing to prevent same-sex couples from adopting Russian children; the U.K. and Israel could be next, reports say.

Israel Moves Toward Tax Equality for Same-Sex Parents

A compromise was finally reached after weeks of negotiations, but it may be subject to further changes.

Mombian: 2013 a Year of Progress for LGBT Parents, Families

Blogger Dana Rudolph summarizes the highs and lows of the last year for LGBT parents and families.

Preview: What's in Store for LGBT Families in 2014?

The fight for LGBT families' rights will continue next year. Here's what to expect, says Emily Hecht-McGowan, director of public policy at the Family Equality Council.

6 Worst Parents of 2013

2013 may have been a banner year for LGBT rights, but these parents clearly didn't get the memo.

The 6 Best Parents of 2013

With deeds ranging from encouraging letters to acts of profound solidarity, these parents embody acceptance and generosity.

Foundation Grants to LGBTQ Causes Top $100 Mil. in 2012; Youth Benefit Most

Children and youth causes received $20.4 million in 2012 as overall funding for LGBTQ issues fell slightly from the previous year.

Baby Coming? Here Are the Top Baby Names of 2013

BabyCenter releases its annual list of leading girls' and boys' names, with Jackson and Sophia leading the pack.

Every Middle, High School Gets Kit to Help LGBT Students

GLSEN says it has distributed 100,000 Safe Schools Kits to aid educators in guiding LGBT youth through academic and social challenges.

Dept. of Ed. Will Recognize Same-Sex Couples For Kids' College Financial Aid

Children of married same-sex couples will now be able to list 'Parent 1' and 'Parent 2' when filling out forms to get federal financial help for college.

Do Your Taxes Pay For Anti-LGBT Policies In Schools?

A lack of transparency among private schools receiving state funding allows anti-LGBT policies to proliferate, an author suggests.

Nonprofit Serves Up Resource to Answer LGBT Parents' Questions

The Family Equality Council's 'Ask the Experts' forum helps current and aspiring parents navigate the ups and downs of parenthood.

Northern Ireland Lifts Ban on Same-Sex Couples Adopting

A court decision paves the way for those in civil partnerships to begin adopting children.

Marriage Equality Good for New Mexico Kids, Experts Say

The New Mexico Pediatric Society, the New Mexico Psychological Association, and the New Mexico chapter of the National Association of Social Workers all came forward for marriage equality as the state awaits a court decision.

Forum Shows Key Role of Parents in Winning Rights for Gays and Lesbians in China

The first Rainbow China Forum in Hong Kong brought together hundreds of gay rights activists, including parents, who vowed to keep fighting to protect their children.

Israel Again Deals Gay Couples, Families Legislative Setback

Two proposals voted down Sunday would have outlawed discrimination and provided equality for same-sex couples buying a home.

Q&A;: Darren Spedale, Co-Parenting Pioneer, Explains New Venture

Darren Spedale's FamilyByDesign aims to pair up wannabe parents, be they LGBT or straight.

Perez Hilton Coming to Reality TV as a Gay Dad

The reality series will feature Hilton, a single father and blogger, as he and other gay dads deal with the challenges of raising children.

Israel Set to Grant Gay Men Adoption Tax Benefits

A vote in the Israeli Knesset will reveal whether the Jewish state is ready to recognize some rights for same-sex couples.

Italy: Sole Country Allowed to Adopt Russian Children

The Kremlin made the announcement following a summit of the two countries last week.