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The VA Still Refuses to Cover Necessary Trans Health Care

It will likely take a lawsuit to end the Veterans Affairs policy of denying coverage for gender-confirmation surgery — a procedure currently covered by Medicare. 

TSA's History of Declaring Trans Bodies as Terrorist

A transgender military veteran digs into the Transportation Security Administration’s history of identifying gender-nonconformity in airline passengers as a possible security threat. 

Would a New President Clinton Repeat DOMA's Mistakes?

It's time to ask Hillary Clinton whether she's prepared to veto anti-LGBT legislation outright, or if she'd consider 'defensive action,' like she contends DOMA and DADT were for her husband.

Op-ed: Why Are The Advocate's Commenters So Transphobic?

Antitrans vitriol posted in response to The Advocate's coverage of transgender issues is symptomatic of broader divisions in the LGBT population.

Op-ed: The Policies Keeping Trans People From Military Service

Only policy stands between transgender people and the military service some seek.