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Social Security

The Great Divide

Pandoras Box

Best Your Stress

Twenty-five at 25

Aiming for Eradication

Furry, Cuddly, Lifesaving

Talkin’ ’Bout a Revolution

The mid 1990s -- specifically the two-year period beginning in December 1995 during which five revolutionary, lifesaving protease inhibitor medications were approved --mark the single biggest turning point in the global battle against HIV and AIDS. Times are a changing again, and now, there are a slew of new HIV drugs that will change the world and lengthen lives.

The right to own 'dyke'

It's taken three years and the fight is still not over, but members of the country's most famous group of biking lesbians are finally winning the right to own their own name.

Nice guys finish third

Survivor's gay Mormon Rafe Judkins talks about coming close to winning the game, not eating the sacrificial chicken, and being betrayed with a wink

Family Guy has fun with AIDS

Fox TV's irreverent animated series aired an episode this summer that showcases a comic musical number called "You Have AIDS." Overburdened AIDS service organizations are not amused.

'Ex-gay' storm over Throckmorton

In an exclusive interview, psychologist Warren Throckmorton--fired and rehired by Magellan Health Services--insists that he's not a reparative therapist and that his far-right pals didn't pressure Magellan to rehire him. But he does think some gays can go straight. And apparently so does Magellan

Survival of the bitchiest

Survivor: Palau's out gay contestant--and self-described "flamboyant queen"--talks about girls vs. guys, which other contestant he'd like to marry, and whether those donuts cost him $1 million