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Preserving LGBT History Means Saving These Spaces

San Francisco activists start a revolution to preserve historic queer sites.

One in Five Straight Men Watches Gay Sex

Are straight men really who they tell themselves they are? 

‘Born This Way’ vs. the Empty ‘Choice’ Argument

An antigay researcher claims no one is born gay. What if he's right?

Would Proposed Gun Laws Make Us Any Safer?

Life for members of the LGBT communities is remarkably dangerous. Would proposed gun laws make us any safer?

The Impact of Bareback Porn

Is condom-free video affecting our real-life sex?

STUDY: Can You Tell He’s a Bottom Just by Looking?

A recent study suggests that the whole world knows I’m a bottom — and they can tell by just looking at my face.

Polyamory By the Numbers

In the wake of marriage equality, data shows Americans think three isn’t such a crowd.

Does Criminalizing the Red Light Do More Harm?

Though there are many objections to the legalization of prostitution, does criminalization do more harm than good?

Why Are We Gay?

Centuries of studies have tried to examine the value of homosexuality to human beings as a species.

Op-ed: How San Francisco Is Beating HIV

After a frustrating, decades-long stagnation in rates of HIV transmission, there's a breakthrough in San Francisco. With information and strategy we can overpower HIV.

Where Are 1.5 Million Missing Black Men?

Census data of male-female ratios by race underscore disproportionate homicide and incarceration rates and reveal HIV infection disparities

Did This LGBT Study Actually Do More Harm?

Did this study on free public transportation's effects on LGBT homeless youth get in its own way -- and prevent good policy?

Why One Quick Talk Can Be So Crucial For All of Us

A new study shows that even one small conversation makes a huge difference in gaining support for LGBT equality.

This Is Your Brain on Porn

As much as half the Internet is dedicated to depictions of sex, and we're just starting to learn what that means for your brain.

How Confusing Laws Are Hitting Our Bank Accounts

Family planning and anxieties about legal protections are having a significant effect on our bank accounts.

You Think You’re Worried?

The fear of transmitting HIV happens on both sides of the equation.