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Marathon Season

Spring is in the air and it is time to get out and start running. New Balance product manager Katherine Petrecca shares the secrets of what it takes to make a good shoe.

Ilene Chaiken Has No Regrets -- Except Killing Dana

Ilene Chaiken talks about TheL Word's final season, the hush-hush Leisha Hailey spin-off, and a rumored L Word movie -- all without revealing a thing.

Be the Best...

Whoever's on your gift list this holiday -- spouses, parents, siblings, friends, houseguests, even pets (yes, that would be the Stud food bowl pictured) -- we have the brightest ideas guaranteed to make you shine!

Lost in Translation

What's not gay about girl-on-girl comic book love? In Japan, everything. Caroline Ryder explores the elusive world of lesbian manga.

Must have Manga

With so many genres to choose from, where's a manga newbie to start? Here, a selection of exceptional manga to launch your obsession.

Rest in Peace

What to take to get to sleep.

The Original Kylie Shows the City of Angels a Good Time

Survivor -- wait, no, thriver -- Olivia Newton-John is the perfect headliner for L.A. Gay Pride