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Frey's gay pal—or not

Author James Frey has admitted to embellishing certain sections of A Million Little Pieces, his best-selling memoir of recovery. His second book, My Friend Leonard, is worth a look for its gay-themed plot. Just take it with a grain of salt

Kicking Crystal

Crystal meth has destroyed the lives of countless gay men. Yet the courageous survivors are fighting to stay clean and start new lives.

Colliding Epidemics

The number of Americans infected with HIV has surpassed 1 million, boosted by skyrocketing crystal use among sexually active gay men--and by decreasing mortality from AIDS.

Where’s the outrage?

America's GLBT leaders were largely silent in the wake of Sunday's far-right (and, de facto, antigay) rally called "Justice Sunday: Stop the Filibuster Against People of Faith." We should all be ashamed--and scared

Movement in crisis: Growing pains at GLAAD

Under departing executive director Joan Garry, GLAAD has grown into a powerful media watchdog group both respected and feared--with $7.3 million in revenues. Garry's successor faces rapidly changing media, high staff turnover, and calls to return to its grass roots

Weight Watchers Equality

Enough with the far right's efforts in 2005 to destroy the rights that GLBT America has earned. Here's how to get straight people on our side to help fight for equality--a little help from British royalty.

Joe Solmonese assumes helm of HRC

The new head of the Human Rights Campaign starts his job on April 11 and vows to hit the road in order to reintroduce the countrys largest gay rights group to voters across the United States

Gay in the red states

Living in the buckle of the Bible Belt isn't always easy for these GLBT Oklahomans, but they're determined to live openly, make a difference, and save their home state from itself

Kerry's plan for gay America

An estimated 4 million gay and lesbian voters could determine the outcome of perhaps the closest presidential race in U.S. history. In an exclusive interview, John Kerry makes his case for the gay vote

The other presidential race

Chrissy Gephardt and Keith Boykin are running for president on Showtime's American Candidate. The prize? A prime-time chance to speak their minds

Life after gay marriage

What happens now that gay and lesbian couples can get hitched in San Francisco and Massachusetts? The political backlash has already begun, but the battle for equality may be won in the newlyweds' everyday lives